Nicki Minaj's Song With Ariana Grande Leaked Too

Say pretty please?

Nicki Minaj’s collaboration with Ariana Grande, “Get On Your Knees,” also leaked onto the Internet ahead of the Dec. 15 release date.

Nicki’s track with Beyonce hit the web earlier.

Nicki raps:

I’ll be back at 11, you just act like a peasant
Got a bow on my ******* because my *** is a present

The girls’ voices playfully compete against each other; Nicki’s fierce rap followed by Ariana Grande’s full-sounding chorus is the perfect recipe for radio. It’s a **** song not because the lyrics are explicit (“get on your knees, say pretty please”), but because their tone is breathy and effortless against a simple, mid-tempo background.

Ariana sings:

I wanna see you lookin’ up
Baby I’ma need you to beg for it

Give Nicki Minaj featuring Ariana Grande’s “Get On Your Knees” a listen:

You gotta beg for it!