Nicki readies yet another single from ‘The PinkPrint’.


Following the release of almost every song on ‘The PinkPrint’, Minaj is planning on dropping the Jeremih assisted “Favorite”.

According to Jeremih anyway.

Nicki Minaj certainly isn’t pursuing the most traditional strategy for the promotion of her third studio album. After releasing six singles in thirteen months, she’s allegedly pressing ahead with her next offering – “Favorite”.

In an interview with InStyle, Jeremih confirmed the release:

“As far as I’m understood, she’s dropping ‘Favorite’ as her next single, so you can look forward to that.”

It’s not particularly ambiguous, is it?

Whilst “Favorite” is certainly one of the strongest cuts from ‘The PinkPrint’, the speed at which Minaj is dropping singles is perhaps not the smartest way to promote her latest effort. Not only is her constant chopping and changing confusing for the general public, she’s not giving any single the opportunity to gain traction at radio. Not every single can be an instant smash a la “Anaconda” – current single “The Night is Still Young”, for instance, could easily be a sleeper hit if it was given a little more time to develop.

It has to be said that there’s no word on when “Favorite” will be released, so hopefully Nicki will give it a second before sending this one to radio.

What do you think of “Favorite”?