Nicki Minaj's BlueHeart

Nicki Minaj gets candid about her failed relationship with ex Safaree Samuels.

Keeping with the introspective theme of “The Pinkprint,” Nicki Minaj spoke openly with Power 105.1 about the struggles fame placed on her fallen relationship with Samuels.

“I’ve never been single for the last 15 years of my life. And I don’t even know if I’m single now. My first relationship overlapped into my second. I wasn’t broken up when I was writing a lot of these songs,” she said.

“A song is like an argument frozen in time. Sometimes in an argument you say things that don’t necessarily lead to a breakup. But when you breakup, you say the same things you said six months ago. But everything came from a place of love.”

It’s clear Nicki is still heartbroken over her split.

“My relationship was based on love. There was nothing but love there. This wasn’t someone I just picked up off the street. This is somebody I grew up with like I don’t even know how I’m gonna function without this person in my life,” she said.

“Like, I’ve never lived my life as a famous person without him. I still want to tell him stuff and get his opinion.”

She went on to say her fame may have destroyed her relationship, but doesn’t get too detailed.

“You know what’s so crazy, if I wasn’t a rapper we’d have children and be married and be happily ever after. And that’s what’s so… cause we know this sh*t is what did it,” she said. “Fame is the worst drug known to man. It’s stronger that Heroin.”

When it comes to finding another guy, Nicki doesn’t seem too optimistic at the moment.

“I just feel like if I was to be with someone at this point they would have to be more similar to me,” she said. “And it is a challenge finding a dude that’s crazy like me and hood too.”

Watch her full interview below:

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