Nicki Minaj lands in hot water for new controversial remarks.

It’s pretty sad to see how far Nicki Minaj has fallen in recent years. She still produces great music, but her attitude low-key *****. The latest cringeworthy comments from the Queen rapper claim that white people cover her in a better light than black people. In her message, Nicki literally referred to black people as “the blacks.”

Nicki fired up Twitter with angst after catching wind of talk show host Wendy Williams’ segment on her marriage to new husband, Kevin Petty. Yes, Nicki’s new last name is now Petty.

Williams didn’t have the kindest things to say about their nuptials, which prompted this response from Nicki:

“What the white ppl post. >>>>>> The blacks only post the few seconds where I raise my voice to push their narrative,” she said, adding “#QueenRadio is back in a few days. Stay tuned.”

See the Tweets below:

Thoughts on Nicki’s statement? Is it problematic or nah? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    1. Yea I was, too. Well, still am. But I think she’s just going through this and acting out and stuff cause I honestly think she knows she’s flopping and kinda losing her “reign”. That’s why maybe she is this way cause she has a lot going on in her mind. Poor girl. πŸ™

        1. First of all. The MTV EMAs is fan driven. It’s based on votes. It’s just like BTS getting 500 million youtube streams – which means nothing. Second of all, Queen went platinum not on pure sales but mostly from SEA. Its plat certification is SPS. Which again means nothing in 2019. Third of all, we all know Cardi is the reigning rap queen right now. Hell, she even won a Grammy. That’s what I mean when I said ‘losing her reign’. Fourth. We all know what happened to ‘Megatron’ right? Fifth and final. Don’t be coming for me because I love Nicki and I stan her as well. I bought all her albums, okay? But I am not being delusional and say Nicki is still hot. Cause she isn’t. The more problematic she gets by getting into feuds and saying a ton of sh*t will turn people off and relegate her to Iggy Azalea status. I LOVE NICKI. But I am not delusional like you.

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