Nicki Minaj calls out music news website Pitchfork for double standards.


Nicki Minaj calls out music news website Pitchfork for double standards.


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The Queen of rap is heated. She caught wind of Pitchfork’s critical publication about her recent collaboration with rapper 6ix9ine and seemingly reckless responses towards naysayers and Internet trolls.

Their headline reads: Nicki Minaj, 6ix9ine, and the Alarming Normalization of Predatory Behavior

In 2015, 6ix9ine pleaded guilty to the use of a child in a sexual performance.

Part of their article says:

“The choice to use her platform to further legitimize a sexual predator is in direct contrast with the nation-wide, black women-led movement to silence music’s most infamous abuser.”


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This pissed Nicki off enough to post a string of fiery Tweets defending her behavior, and in the process used Lady Gaga as an example.

She’s references Gaga’s decision to collaborate with R. Kelly on ARTPOP track “Do What U Want” despite his lengthy list of sexual misconduct allegations. It’s worth mentioning Gaga filmed a sexually explicit video for the track with R. Kelly but ultimately decided against releasing it.


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To make her point, Nicki posted screenshots of an old article published on Pitchfork praising “Do What U Want.” She claims she’s actually NOT using Gaga as an example to tear her down, rather, illustrate a point about double standards. But, this is the Internet we’re talking about, and logic and reason is scarce. It comes off like shade whether that was the intention or not.


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My thoughts? This is not a good look for Nicki. Her collaboration with 6ix9ine, “FEFE,” should have never happened (it was chucked onto Queen after the official release in an attempt to boost sales) and her tirades against haters makes for more salacious headlines and thought pieces. Just let the music do the talking, yea?

See the Tweets below:


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