Is Miss Minaj teaming up with the controversial “212” rapper?nicki-minaj-azealia-banks-collab-BreatheHeavy

The rumor mill is spinning into overdrive as Nicki Minaj appears to hint at an upcoming collab with Queen of Controversy, Azealia Banks.

Despite tweeting not two weeks ago that she’d quite enjoy running Minaj’s fanbase over in a car, some keen Twitter users are speculating that Azealia Banks may be teaming up with Nicki for an upcoming project.

The crux of the theory rests on Minaj favoriting this tweet from Banks yesterday:

…which some are taking to imply that Azealia was on her way to set with the Trinidadian rap star. The idea that’s taken most traction is that the unlikely couple are filming or recording a remixed version of Banks’ current single “Ice Princess”, featuring a new verse from Nicki.

Whilst it does seem a little strange for the “Feelin’ Myself” star to have favorited such a random tweet, the collaboration doesn’t seem particularly probable. Not only has Azealia made her feelings about Nicki clear time and time again (and in case you missed it, those feelings are not positive), with verses on so many high profile tracks from the likes of BeyoncĂ©, Eminem, Madonna, Britney, Rihanna and Kanye to name but a few – Nicki Minaj lending her flow to Azealia Banks would be seen by many as a huge step down.

What is far more likely is that Minaj plans to team up with Pinkprint Tour opening acts Tinashe and DeJ Loaf, as indicated by this not-so-cryptic tweet:

In case by some miracle the tone of this article leaves my opinion to the imagination, let me make it clear that the idea of a Minaj/Banks collab’ doesn’t exactly fill me with joy. Whilst there’s no doubt that Azealia is an incredibly talented rapper (‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ is one of the best debuts of the last decade), she’s made herself extremely hard to enthuse over with her seemingly endless hateful, ignorant and distasteful tirades. With any luck Nicki has no plans to indulge Banks’ ego by pulling back into public focus – a position that Banks seems increasingly desperate but increasingly unable to grip onto – but there’s no doubt that the timing of her Twitter behaviour is a little suspicious.

Then again, sometimes a favorite is just a favorite.

What do you think? Are you here for Azealia Banks featuring Nicki Minaj?