Nicki Minaj Teases Mystery Project: “One More Month”

November 3, 2016 By Jordan Miller

Is Nicki Minaj readying an album release?


Is Nicki Minaj readying an album release?

For her own amusement, Minaj likes to troll her loyal fans with cryptic and comedic Tweets alluding to new music. Or not. Who knows?

Last month, she announced a fake album titled #PickMyFruitOut and made up 10 juicy song titles, including her favorite: “***** toss my fruit salad.”


Then today (Nov. 3), Minaj posted a few on-set photos from what appears to be for an interview. It’s the captions that are cause for concern: “One more month… ???” and a lyric from her Lil Herb-assisted song “Chi-raq”: “Ain’t yellin cut when it’s shootin time.”

Word on the street is it’s her upcoming ABC Family Series television show though.

-Sticks head back in sand-

“The album is so freaking epic,” Minaj recently said of her new material, “but it’s a journey.”

She also hopes to collaborate with Remy Ma and Foxy Brown. “Before my first album came out, I was on everybody’s song. I had my own campaign without realizing it. Right now, I have to complete a few things for other people… What that does, throughout my career, it makes me get back to my fun side and it makes me push my pen,” she says.

“When I was working on The Pinkprint, I wanted to do a song with Remy and Foxy. I still have the song to this day. It was on a Diplo beat, but was super hood and hard.”

She adds: “I love them both so I think that’s only a matter of time before she and I do something.”

2016 needs you, Nicki.

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