Britney spotted her Femme Fatale pal Nicki Minaj at Nobu recently, but when she went to say hi Nicki snubbed her, claims In Touch Weekly.

“Britney was in a good mood. When she spotted Nicki, she went over to her,” says an eye-witness to the tab. “Right as Britney approached her, Nicki turned her back and walked away!”

“Britney knew she’d been dissed.”

I imagine it went down like this:

Britney: (Whispers to Edan) Oh my gah! Is that Nixy? I’ve been meaning to give back her epsom salt. Let me go say hi…
Britney: Heyyyyyy.
Nicki: Gurl I upstage yo whole entire ******’ liiiiiiiiiiife.
Britney: But, all those times we had together… The Billboard Awards? Vegas? Staples Center?
Nicki Minaj: I’m bigger than Mariah now. You were hot when?
Britney: Ricki Lake?

A rep tells Gossipcop the rumors aren’t true, saying Britney saw her, but “never” approached because “it looked like Nicki was having a meeting so Britney did not want to disturb her.”

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