Nicki Minaj Snubs Britney?

Britney spotted her Femme Fatale pal Nicki Minaj at Nobu recently, but when she went to say hi Nicki snubbed her, claims In Touch Weekly.

“Britney was in a good mood. When she spotted Nicki, she went over to her,” says an eye-witness to the tab. “Right as Britney approached her, Nicki turned her back and walked away!”

“Britney knew she’d been dissed.”

I imagine it went down like this:

Britney: (Whispers to Edan) Oh my gah! Is that Nixy? I’ve been meaning to give back her epsom salt. Let me go say hi…
Britney: Heyyyyyy.
Nicki: Gurl I upstage yo whole entire ******’ liiiiiiiiiiife.
Britney: But, all those times we had together… The Billboard Awards? Vegas? Staples Center?
Nicki Minaj: I’m bigger than Mariah now. You were hot when?
Britney: Ricki Lake?

A rep tells Gossipcop the rumors aren’t true, saying Britney saw her, but “never” approached because “it looked like Nicki was having a meeting so Britney did not want to disturb her.”

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