It appears Nicki Minaj struck a nerve with Cardi B.


It appears Nicki Minaj struck a nerve with Cardi B.


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Nicki is out promoting Queen, which is on track to debut at No. 2 (behind Travis Scott’s Astroworld), and she’s been quite frank in her interviews.

During the rapper’s chat with Funkmaster Flex, Nicki opens up about payola (“the practice of bribing someone to use their influence or position to promote a particular product or interest”).


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Her argument is that labels pay people to say certain things in an attempt to promote their artists and tear competitors down. It’s also widely speculated that labels pay radio stations to play certain songs a ton, and other songs… not so much. Meaning, what you’re hearing on the radio is not necessarily a reflection of what the DJs want to play or what the listeners want to hear, rather what the labels have selected for you.

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Hours later, Cardi B wrote a fiery comment on Instagram about… payola. She contends that labels can’t buy the people – that it’s us, the listeners, who ultimately have the final say of what becomes a hit and what doesn’t.

Now, I can’t confirm she’s responding to Nicki Minaj’s comments, but the timing is pretty sus. Here’s a screen shot of the comment below as it’s since been removed:

And I’ll leave you with this – Nicki said in an interview this week no other woman in the game can “put up the stats that I’ve been doing.”


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