Nicki what’s good?

Nicki Minaj’s tour is off to a pretty rough start. The rap queen axed a third show date and postponed a fourth in the span of several weeks. Her reasons for the abrupt cancellations are… interesting.

At her dates in Bratislava, Slovakia, and Bordeaux, France, Nicki’s team stated the venues didn’t have enough power to support her stage productions.

Nicki, dressed in costume, came out during her show in Bratislava to explain the unfortunate situation.

“We’ve been trying for hours to get the show to work, and the building says they don’t have the power in this building to make this show work,” she said. “I feel horrible.”

Nicki also explained what went down in Bordeaux in a video posted on Instagram (see below).

Nicki also cancelled a third show, this time in Dublin, Ireland. A press release claims the ships with her equipment failed to show up on time due to “adverse weather conditions.”

Fans in attendance were’t buying it or didn’t care, because they started chanting “Cardi B” outside the arena. They probably got the idea from stans who attended the show in France.

Nicki posted text messages explaining the weather reason.

UPDATE: It gets worse… her show in Bangkok on April 4th was just “postponed” due to “unforeseen internal complications,” though it’s not clear what that means. The venue claims they’re working out a new date with Nicki’s team.

See a roundup of the cancel controversy below:

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