Nicki Minaj Never Said “I Made Female Rappers Mainstream”

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Nicki Minaj explains exactly. What. She. MF. Meant.

Last week, Nicki’s XXL interview made the rounds because she said she “my role was really reintroducing the female rapper to pop culture.” Somewhere along the line, the media twisted her words around and made it appear like she meant that she made female rappers mainstream. That sent the rap Queen off. She posted a fiery message on Instagram to clarify.

“I see ppl remixing my words so let me post ‘exactly’ what I said for the intelligent ones in the back,” she wrote. “Now, if you can find the part where I said ‘I made female rappers mainstream’, I’ll give you $100,000.00. blogs & tv shows don’t care to do actual research these days, they only care about what grabs your attention… at anyone’s expense.”

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She goes on to list some female super stars who made waves before her. “When I came out, there had been a drought of a few years where NO female rap album had gone platinum, females weren’t getting budgets, the industry did NOT believe in the female rapper anymore,” she continued. “They had stopped generating MONEY for labels. Ask any rap historian or just anyone with a brain. These are facts and nothing but the facts. So I ‘REINTRODUCED’ the ‘successful’ female rapper back to POP CULTURE. Showed big business we were major players in the game just like the boys were. ♥️?? love you guys for holding me down but what’s true is true & whats not is just simply not.”

I’m scared to offer my own two cents on this (“update your blogs & tv shows with what I actually said please,” she said), so I’ll just let Nicki do the talking this time.

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