Nicki Minaj Had Surprises To Promote #Anaconda Before It Leaked But Nope

Nicki Minaj had a strategy to promote and release her new single “Anaconda,” but thanks to the absurdity of the Internet, her plans were foiled when it leaked ahead of schedule.

You can listen to the banger here.

Nicki chatted with Carson Daly on AMP radio today about the debacle.

On ‘Anaconda’ being leaked
“I wanted it out, and then the label came with this great radio plan to put it out next week. So what my fans don’t know is that we were actually going to put the record out August 11th. We were going to have this amazing promotion and have all this stuff leading up to it, and lo and behold the record leaked.”

“We had already sent the song out to people like iTunes and Google and all of that. There was on particular app that didn’t delete it out of their system and by mistake gave it to their customers. It just was inevitable, the leak started happening online and so we had to just release it today.”

On working with Beyonce on her track ‘Flawless’
“[The ask to be on the track] came from her directly. Her people contacted my manager, and then she and I began speaking back and forth. She was just giving me an idea of what she wanted. I was in New York recording it and she came by and she was telling me to be myself, to go all in. And I did. I was afraid to let her hear it actually. It’s risqué I guess. I don’t know. You know, it’s Beyoncé. I don’t want to say anything to offend her. She’s so cool. She’s so much more down to earth than I expected. I mean, I always looked up to her as a woman in the industry and she’s inspired me so much. But then to actually interact with her and to have her act like we’re girlfriends. It was a really, really great experience.”

On the track ‘Bang Bang’ and working with Jessie J
“I get a lot of songs to get on and there was a little moment where I wasn’t doing any features because I wanted to really focus on writing an album so I wanted to take my time. And then lo and behold they sent me this song and both the girls were on it. Normally it takes me awhile to decide if I want to get on the song, I will play it back a lot of times, 10-15 times. But this one, I have to admit I played it the first time and I just knew it was special. It just felt iconic to me. Jessie’s voice has always been one of those voices I don’t think gets enough credit for being so powerful. It’s a real rock star kind of voice. She brought it home. I was just honored to be part of the record.”

On her forthcoming album ‘The Pink Print’
“The album will definitely be out in the fourth quarter of the year. I just have to say that I’m at such a different place as a human being. I know artists say that all the time but now I understand why. Nothing really surprises me anymore. I handle things more maturely. Just writing wise I can put my thoughts together better I feel. So sonically I think the album sounds so amazing. And there are so many surprises on the album. I had Drake come by the studio the other day and he was like “Omg you’re talking about new stuff, I’m so proud of you.” And that’s what I’m most excited about. I’m speaking about new things on this album. I’m excited I’m not allowing anyone else to define what the album is going to be. I’m comfortable, its not going to be rushed, I’m taking my time. But overall the music just sounds really, really great. There’s no substitute for that.”

On touring the album
“You have no idea how much I’m looking forward to the tour. I’m not gonna lie after my last world tour I was exhausted. My body and my brain.”

Carson: [That’s hard because] Nobody wants to hear Nicki Minaj complain. You have to keep it to yourself.

“Right! You can’t say that. The fans, they want a billion meet and greets and when I see how they react I want to give them more and more and more. So I was like, I just need some time to chill out. Now that the album is coming together I just can’t wait to go on tour. I know what my fans are going to feel like when they experience this music. It’s deep rooted with my fans. They’ve been following me for a long time on the underground circuit. Everything feels better to us, it’s just like a bigger accomplishment. It’s the 3rd album it’s a big deal. We’re actually going to start the tour at the top of 2015, we’re going to start a European run and then we will back in America for a summer run.”

“I can’t wait for them to find out who I’m going on tour with. There was someone who mentioned they were interested. I can’t say [who it is], but I know that my fans love this person. It’s just going to make sense. I think our fan bases are very similar so I think its going to work out really good.”

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