Nicki Minaj dropped a music video for her remix of “Good Form” with Lil Wayne.

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Welp, this post didn’t age well (read below). It was rumored Nicki cancelled “Good Form” as the next Queen single because she was mad at Barbz. Nonsense! The rapper was just sprucing it up with a feature from Lil Wayne.

There’s a revised version out now.

In it, Nicki serves a bunch of cookie-licious looks. She sits in a vat of milk and wears latex. A visual!  



Without explanation, Nicki Minaj reportedly decided to cancel her next Queen single, “Good Form.”

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Nicki, sis, what’re you doing? “Good Form” is arguably one of (if not THE) strongest tracks on Queen, but it appears the rapper has decided against any further promotion of it.

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“Good Form has been taken off of the list for radio impact,” a stan account claimed on Twitter. We all know stan accounts are never wrong.

Barbz are under the impression Nicki is upset because online trolls body-shamed her following her performance of it at the MTV EMAs this past weekend (watch that below).

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I can’t confirm nor deny that, but whatever the case may be, it’s very unfortunate the track is apparently no longer being sent to radio.

Hopefully Nicki has a change of heart because “Good Form” hits hard. I’m shaking.

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