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Nicki Minaj debuts new Queen track, “Rich ***,” featuring Lil Wayne.


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Merry Minajmas! Nicki kicked off this week with an onslaught of luxurious content.

After dropping the titillating Queen cover, Nicki announced her upcoming NICKIHNDRXX World Tour with Future and revealed her second Ariana Grande collab is titled “Bed” and drops this week (read more about that here).

That leads us to “Rich ***” featuring Lil Wayne, the latest offering off the rapper’s upcoming album (out August 10).


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On the Aubry “Big Juice” Delaine, J.Reid-produced track, Nicki raps about her love of money. The lyrics make that explicitly clear.

“I know these ni–as like and it ain’t my charm / I ain’t stupid, theres two hundred fifty on my arm,” she purrs. “I like money more than d–k, ni–a thats a fact
You think pu–y’s everything? Well, let’s have a chat.” Well, damn.

There’s even a nod to “Swish Swish,” her collab with Katy Perry.

Listen below:


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