Nicki Minaj’s mobile gaming app ‘Nicki Minaj: The Empire’ has arrived ahead of schedule.

“Who the f–k told you that I had no chill?”

If you were wondering why Nicki Minaj was a world-wide Trending Topic on Twitter Tuesday night, it’s because her new interactive mobile gaming app Nicki Minaj: The Empire debuted ahead of its Dec. 8 release date. With it comes a new song titled “Ain’t Gone Do It,” which features several unidentified collaborations and robotic production gymnastics on the rap queen’s vocals. How Siri of them.

According to The Fader, your objective in the game is to “take your character from nothing and build your own rap empire. You start by rapping over a series of pre-built beats, one of which is the new song.”

“Who the f–k told you that I had no chill,” she sings over an emphatic beat. “Who the f–k told you we’re splitting that bill? Who the f–k told you that I’m in the hood when you know f–king right I’m in Beverly Hills.”

Listen here:

Looks like my game/app came early. Honestly didn't know til a few mins ago. DOWNLOAD IT NOW #NickiMinajTheEMPIRE ??

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