Nicki Minaj takes shots at Cardi B again.

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It’s an ideal time for Nicki to mention Cardi’s name. The rapper has a new music video with Tyga to promote, and dragging Cardi is a great way of making headlines. We love marketing!

The “Dip” clip is a visual feast. Tyga and Nicki two float around a milk white world and rock several high flying looks while self-playing violins levitate. There’s also a Tyga voodoo doll that made me pretty uncomfortable. 

But you’re probably not here for the latest Nicki flick. If you’re curious to what she said about her arch nemesis, carry on.

To be fair, Nicki’s responding to Cardi putting the Queen rapper’s fanbase on blast.

“Ya asking why I’m beefing with a fan base but ya not asking why someone with so much influence would use their influence to manipulate their fans to spread so much negativity and hate”, Cardi wrote on Instagram.

Cardi’s sister Hennessy also attached herself to the narrative, and now it’s one giant mess that I’m having trouble following. Basically, Hennessy alleges Nicki leaked Cardi’s phone number to Barbz in the hopes they’d harass Cardi.

Nicki denied that on Queen Radio today, then gabbed about their fight at Fashion Week.

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“Rah [Nicki’s friend] beat Cardi’s *** really bad,” she said. “The punches were so hard in your head. Rah beat you so bad that I was mad at Rah. She punched her eight, nine times. Now you got your sister calling me a crackhead.”


Now Nicki is saying she’s “perfectly fine” with “never talking about this again.”

We’ll see about that.

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