Nicki Minaj Claims To Think Before She Speaks

August 5, 2014 By Jordan Miller

Nicki Minaj Claims To Think Before She Speaks

Nicki Minaj learned through trial and tribulation in the music industry sometimes it’s best to choose your words wisely, or you may end up ******* off a lot of people and becoming center target in a ****-storm of hate.

“I think early on in my career, I was… I was… just a little bit crazy,” Nicki Minaj tells Fader magazine. “I took everything personally. That’s just not good, and it’s not healthy.” These days, she works hard to keep herself in check. “I think one of my best attributes now, as a businesswoman and an artist and a professional person, is being able to think before I speak,” she adds. “I’ve learned that everything I think doesn’t necessarily need to be stated.”

Two days before this interview, Nicki Minaj received backlash for her comments at the BET awards shading Iggy Azalea for using ghost-writers on her album.

“My point of saying what I said was that women need to have a perspective,” she continues. “If we’re out here saying that we’re so confident, and we’re so this and so that, but we don’t even trust ourselves to write down our own thoughts and spit it on a beat?”

Nicki seems far more guarded now – telling Fader she wouldn’t even call an ambulance the other day when she felt bad because she feared it’d end up on TMZ.

“I can only imagine how many people in this business have died because they may not have wanted to… to be embarrassed publicly. We care so much about what the world thinks that we don’t live, really.”

Nicki Minaj Claims To Think Before She Speaks

How Nicki lived before was through costumes, makeup and a larger-than-life persona. Sure, she may still have two out of the three, but she’s refined her image, toned things down and is letting her music speak for itself.

“Looking back now, I love that I was pushed to reinvent myself,” she says, “because when I sit back and I really look, I need hip-hop, and hip-hop needs me.”

Nicki Minaj’s getting stories left and right on BreatheHeavy thanks to her crazy new single, “Anaconda,” which my summer can’t live without. Listen to that here.