In living color.

In living color.

Nick Jonas’s new tune “Remember I Told You” is a song of the summer contender, but it hasn’t received the kind of push it needs to become a hit yet (it’s been streamed nearly 10 million streams on Spotify, respectable). Fortunately the pop star is giving it some tlc with a new video out today (June 27).

The clip starts out in black and white with Jonas and his co-collaborators goofing off with a few super models. As the song picks up, so does the intensity – the video turns into something straight out of a Las Vegas nightclub and slips into color. Definitely “Hotline Bling” vibes (Jonas is a Drizzy stan).

“I think that in a lot of ways this is a setup to a greater body of work that’s still coming together,” Jonas tells Rolling Stone, “but also, for me, this is a single statement,”


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