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Check Out Nick Jonas' "Levels" Single Cover

Get on my elevator. Baby we’re going up!

Nick Jonas’ electro-pop new single “Levels” is his best release yet. The dance floor-ready jam features funky breakdowns and quirky synths heard throughout as the 22-year-old shows off his falsetto and low-key mechanical vocals. Last week, Jonas says he’s pushing himself to grow as an artist, and “Levels” perfectly illustrates his insatiable appetite to become one of pop music’s leading frontmen.

I know / We can get higher / These levels to your love / And I keep on climbing up

Jonas remains on a steady path as he leaves behind his self-titled 2014 album and aims for a new forthcoming record out later this year. “Levels” is the first taste of what fans can expect, and from what we’ve heard thus far we’re expecting a huge resurgence.

“With ’Jealous’ and even ’Chains’ there was an ability to dance to them, but it was very specific,” Jonas told MTV News. “For this one I feel like it’s a no-brainer dance, get up and have a good time jam.”

Listen here:

I can’t get enough. Thoughts?