Nick Jonas continues to promote the re-release of the lead single from ‘Nick Jonas’.


Nick Jonas stopped by NBC’s The Voice for a performance of “Chains”.

Following the break-out success of “Jealous”, which just hit #2 in the UK and peaked at #7 on the Hot 100, Nick Jonas is revisiting lead single “Chains” in the hopes of mimicking that success with his R&B/Trap cross-over. As well as shooting a brand new, albeit inferior to the original, music video, he’s giving the track some exposure on a promotional tour which kicked off with The Voice last night.

The performance was another strong showing from Jonas, who’s a far better live act that you might initially have suspected, although it wasn’t his best performance to date. Nick holds up better without the restraints of staging or choreography so the rendition came off a little wooden to start with, but after he’d warmed up the vocals really shone – especially that Justin Timberlake-esque falsetto around halfway through.

It’s also interesting that the youngest Jonas brother chose a stage production that was more influenced by the song’s first visual than the second, featuring the riot shields of July’s MV.

Either way, it was a good effort and with a couple more performances like that, “Chains” is sure to make a more meaningful impact on the charts than the song managed the first time around.

What did you think of Nick’s performance?