Or he might repackage his latest.

Nick Jonas' New Record Coming Soon

Nick Jonas will release an album within the next year.

While he tirelessly promotes “Chains” and “Jealous” (and all their accompanying variations and remixes), Nick Jonas says he plans on sharing a new record with fans later this year or next. But first, the Sage the Gemini collaborator wants to repackage his self titled record.

“I feel like the next step is just going to be getting a collection of a few more songs and maybe repackaging the album,” Jonas tells EW. “I still feel like there’s some life left on the record I released last year.”

It’s true: both songs neared the top spot on the charts (“Chains” peaked at No. 13 and “Jealous” at No. 7).

“The great thing about songs that a large group of people can connect to is that, it sort of breaks down some of the walls of feeling like they can’t like it for whatever reason,” Jonas says. “That’s been the big goal this last year and a half, to break some of the perceptions down and rebuild.”

Although he’s used to the teeny bop fandom adoring him, but the oldies?

“It’s all across the spectrum I think,” Jonas says of his fanbase. “There’s no way to really define the age group of the fans. People that come up to me and tell me they like the music are far from what it used to be. I’m still getting used to it.”

Yea yea yea, but that new record we mentioned?

“I’m coming with a new record at some point later this year or next year.”

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