Nick Jonas sounds real fresh on Sage of the Gemini’s “Good Thing.”

Nick Jonas Lands On Sage of the Gemini's "Good Thing"

Nick Jonas made a good thing keep happening.

His feature on Sage the Gemini’s new song “Good Thing” is a refreshing collaboration, in part because it sounds more like a Nick Jonas song with a feature from Sage, and if it rids the radio from “Gas Pedal,” I’m all for it.

Jonas’ vocals sound fresh and mesh perfectly aside Sage’s raspy rapping. The song is about Sage convincing miss lonely hearts not to breakup with him, but if he mentions he’s on a track with Nick Jonas she’ll most likely change her mind!

“This ain’t nothing but dangerous / We about to be over and why can’t it just be what it is?… We can make a good thing keep happenin.’”

Listen to it here:

Giving me “Love Me Harder” teas.

What do you think of Nick Jonas’ latest feautre?