Nick Jonas’ “Jealous” Leaks

September 7, 2014 By Jordan Miller

Nick Jonas’ new single leaks ahead of schedule. You jealous?

“Jealous” is the second single off Nick’s self-titled new album, and though the track had a September 8 release date, it found its way online prematurely.

Nick says the song came about after a night out with his girlfriend.

“I was out with my girlfriend the night before I wrote this song … and I got heated,” he told On Air With Ryan Seacrest of his date with girlfriend Miss USA 2012 Olivia Culpo. “I was doing all this fighting training for this show I just finished up [DirecTV’s Kingdom], so I was ready to go. [But] I contained myself … and I came in the next day to the studio and wrote this song. I think it is true … a lot of people can relate with this, a lot of men, they don’t talk about it, it makes them uncomfortable. But I think vulnerability is good and it’s what makes us human.”

“You’re too ****, beautiful and everybody wants a taste that’s why/ I still get jealous.”

Listen to the full song here (UPDATE: It’s officially released):

Nick also announced his upcoming tour. See that here.