Nick Jonas' "Jealous" Sees A Remix From B.o.B.

Nick Jonas’ “Jealous” gets another remix, Tinashe gets the boot.

Congrats are in order for Nick Jonas who’s song, “Jealous,” continues to remain relevant in pop music and is edging towards becoming slightly annoying due to overplay on the radio (by the way, if I hear “Uptown Funk” one more time I’m going to freak).

B.o.B. took it upon himself to insert himself in another remix of the song – the first with Tinashe.

Notable new lyrics:

“Peanut butter and jealous, adjust the possessive. She even got the preacher sweatin’ while he taking collections.”

I don’t see this remix blowing up, but it’s nice to play while you’re getting ready Saturday night. After streaming Kylie’s “Right Here, Right Now” of course.

Take a listen to Nick Jonas’ “Jealous” remix by B.o.B.:

Will this latest treatment breathe more life into the song? Spill the tea in Exhale!