Jonas says his new album drops in the beginning of next year and it’s almost finished.

Nick Jonas Is Teaming Up With Jack Ü On New Album

Can the superstar producers strike lightning twice?

Nick Jonas is finishing up his record which he says will drop early 2016. We don’t know much about the album aside from his recent “Levels” release, the steps he’s taking to evolve his sound more towards soul and R&B and… his collaboration with Jack Ü?!

“’Levels’ is the first single off the new record, that will come out at the beginning of next year,” Jonas tells Billboard. “I’m already close to being finished with it,” he can be heard saying in the video above. “But I think about, you know, continuing to stay creative and seeing where I’m led artistically. A lot’s changed in my life over the past year, and I’ve had a lot to write about. I’m thrilled to put this record out.”

“I think ‘Levels’ is a good first statement, and we’ll go from there. As far as the sound goes, it’s definitely the next step, [with] ‘Levels’ being, I think, a progression from the last record,” Jonas said. “And then the song ‘Area Code’ that I threw up on SoundCloud, just to see what people thought, is even a further step in a more soul and R&B direction.”

“I think for me, it’s a beautiful spot to be in, to kind of have no boundaries,” he added.

Jack Ü (Diplo & Skrillex) famously assisted launching Justin Bieber up the charts with “Where Are Ü Now,” and their solo male pop star efforts aren’t finished. Though Jonas kept it a secret, Diplo admitted it’s something they’re handling.

Jonas mentioned he has no boundaries, and a track with Jack Ü would certainly steer him in a different direction from “Chains” or “Jealous.”

Do you think a Nick Jonas song produced by Diplo & Skrillex will sound good?