Nick Jonas Is In Chains, But He Wouldn't Change

Nick Jonas is dirty, grimey and ripped in his new music video for “Chains,” and I wouldn’t expect (or have it) any other way.

In the clip, the youngest Jonas bro faces all sorts of extreme obstacles to be near the one he loves. This includes:

  • Chains (duh)
  • Water filled church
  • Sky diving. Rather, falling
  • Bound to a chair
  • SWAT team
  • Himself
  • I’m actually pretty impressed with his solo work thus far! “Chains” is a cool song pop song that now has a cool video. Cool!

    “It’s definitely a progression for me,” Nick told MTV News when asked about this new chapter in his life. “I really wanted to push myself, work with some people that would help me grow and, you know, I kind of came to a place where I said, look, I’ve already had a full career at the age of 21-years-old and I get to start over and this is really cool and really approach it as a new artist.”

    Watch the video below: