A breezy love song.

Nick Jonas premieres new song “Find You.”

Nick’s new era has officially kicked off. The pop star dropped a breezy, uptempo love song titled “Find You” that sounds nothing like any song off Last Year Was Complicated. That’s greatly appreciated.

“You look for love but you never really tried,” Nick sings over cool background vocals and a sugary beat. “You say it’s not but it’s always on your mind / Keep chasing gold but you lose the silver line and I never really know just where to find you.”

“For me it has a lot to do with the idea of finding love in general, and kind of a journey we all go on with that and how sometimes it could be something you’re afraid of – running away from it in that sense – but it is desperately something we all hope for,” Nick says of “Find You” to iHeartRadio. He adds the track was a “musical journey” for him as well.

The track is a hit. I didn’t expect to love it upon first-listen, but Nick came through. This should outperform any of his recent releases (minus “Close” with Tove Lo. That one’s untouchable).

As for the new album, Nick says he wants to give fans “a real snapshot” of his world and hope the body of work stands the test of time a la Shania Twain & Garth Brooks.

Listen to “Find You” below:

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