Nick Jonas Grabs Jhené Aiko For

Because we could always hear more about Nick and chains.

Nick Jonas is pulling a “Who Knew” by re-releasing his former single “Chains” with R&B songstress Jhené Aiko, and I absolutely approve.

Listen to the remix after the cut:

Before “Jealous” became that catchy sing-a-long bop that it turned out to be in 2014, Nick Jonas dropped the R&B-laced “Chains.” Unfortunately, it didn’t really go anywhere, so they moved on to “Jealous.” Now Team Nick is going back to drawing board and making sure that folks hear the sensual ride that is “Chains” with some help from Jhené Aiko. There’s a few spotty instrumental changes during parts of the song, but this remix is more of a “Let’s just throw Jhené on the track” sort of mix, and that’s not a complaint.

Aiko gets into the groove of things with her slick and soothing vocals on the second verse on the track. Instead of being a slaaaave for love ala Nick, the songstress takes a #verse approach, crooning, “You play the submissive role / Then maybe we switch the role / I’ll be your slave / You can have me anyway that you want.”

At time of press, the original version of the track had found a nice seat at the number 13 spot on iTunes’ Top Songs list. Nick’s remix of the track is also available for download.

Word of advice, Nick, play your cards right and you really could follow in the footsteps of JT.

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