This year is less complicated.

New Nick Jonas.

Since Nick Jonas decided to go solo, he’s released a steady stream of music. He had a couple of hits on 2014’s self-titled and really dived into his craft with 2016’s Last Year Was Complicated. Side note: “Bacon” should have performed better. Cut to present day – the Jo Bro is vying for a spot on the 2017 charts – he’s got a new tune titled “Remember I Told You” featuring Mike Posner and Anne Marie. It’s not clear whether it’s the lead single off a new album, or a buzz track to keep his name out there in the summer months.

“Remember I told you, I need you / All of the words that I’m saying / Are just a fancy way of saying I care,” he sings over a plunky guitar melody and a couple of production bells and whistles. Mike Posner has a subdued breathy verse and Anne Marie pairs her vocals with Nick’s. I’d be interested to hear a solo version.

Give it a spin (the song is available to stream beginning at midnight EST):

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