Nick Jonas Drops a New Video For Old Single, “Chains”

March 31, 2015 By Aaron

Nick has debuted another video for “Chains”.


Nick Jonas is attempting to revive lead offering “Chains” with a new clip for the 2014 single.

Although you’d be forgiven for assuming that the first track to be lifted from Nick Jonas’ self-titled album was mild-hit “Jealous”, the former Jonas Brother is reissuing the actual lead single (and even milder-hit), “Chains”, with a surrealist, carnival inspired music video.

The Wynwood Walls directed clip features Jonas riding around the streets of Miami in a neon rickshaw, surrounded by hoards of scantly-clad females and plenty of straight white-boy dancing. It’s a compelling enough visual and adds a dose of color to “Chains” which the original video certainly lacked. Side note: there’s something inexplicably hysterical about Nick Jonas smoking a cigar.

Unfortunately for Nick, the original Ryan Pallotta directed clip is probably a stronger effort. A far darker and more interpretive video, Jonas’ first attempt is naturally interesting in a way that the The Wynwood Walls Edition tries far too hard to be. The dystopian, brutal MV adds a dimension to the song that’s completely lost in the newer of the two videos and it feels a little like Nick takes a step backwards and not forwards with this one.

The track itself is still absolutely fantastic however, and if a more commercial video is what it needs to resonate with the masses, then you’ll hear no more complaints from me. Regardless, the new visual feels undeniably anti-climatic.

Which music video for “Chains” do YOU prefer?