I told myself: “Jordan. Ignore it. He’s a douche bag and you’ll only be encouraging Kevin’s inner trailer trash.” Let Britney have today all for herself without any negativity. But I can’t help it; it’s killing me. I must let the world know!


I won’t say the F word cause that’s the boys’ dad. But ****, this bugs me! Woops.

Splashed on the front page of People.com is a teaser of Kevin’s “tell-all” out tomorrow morning: “Kevin Federline Tells His Side of the Story, Coming Wednesday 8 a.m. ET!”

I love how he does this on her 27th birthday, her album release date, her ticket sales announcement and her Good Morning America performance. He had YEARS to open his pot head mouth, but he planned it for today. UGH.

It’s official: A. he’s scum of the earth and B. I am seriously not going to be getting any sleep this week.

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