Niall Horan is about to go one direction: away.

Niall Horan is about to go one direction: away.

The former boybander recently released his fluffy acoustic tune “This Town,” but following the holidays, Horan is diving back into the writing-recording process. Without us.

He penned a handwritten letter to fans explaining why they might not be seeing much of him in the coming weeks.

“So when I haven’t been doing promo, I’ve been in the studio recording my album…I’m currently 8 songs deep and ready for more,” Horan writes. “I want to take my time with no pressure and make sure I get it right. I’m quite the self critic, which I like about myself. So I’ll let you know when I’m done.”

He added he’s creating everything from scratch at at some historical recording studios in L.A.

“After Christmas I’m gonna fall off the face of the earth and do one of my disappearing acts,” he continued. “I want to come up with more song ideas and get back in the writing zone. So have a lovely Christmas and happy New Year and I’ll see ya in Feb.”

See you in 2017!

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