Zayn will probably rejoin.

Each member of One Direction has launched a solo career since disbanding, and granted their songs are performing relatively well, but their success as One Direction remains unmatched.

One of the former members, Niall Horan covers the latest issue of Billboard magazine. He’s currently putting the finishing touches on his new album (which he got advice from Justin Bieber about), and has a new tune out titled “Slow Hands.” A bop!

Below are some of the highlights from his chat with the music giant. You can read the full interview here.

He confirms he would reunite with One Direction if they ever ask:
“I told my ­managers from the start: When One Direction comes knocking, fook what I’m doing. I don’t give a **** if I sold out arenas or won Grammys. I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for that.”

He is certain Zayn will join the reunion:
“We’ll always have mutual respect. When we get back to the band, he’ll be at the forefront again,” says Horan. UPDATE: A rep from Billboard reached out and amended the highlight. Horan was talking about Simon Cowell, not Zayn. Here is their exact wording: “The quote was in reference to Simon Cowell, not Zayn.”

And he’s certain they’ll be back:
“When it will be, I don’t know. I ­prefer not to do it after I’m 40. I’d prefer the next few years.”…“we haven’t even had a ­conversation about how long we think the break will be.”

On how strange it is for him to not be in One Direction anymore:
“Every now and then you’re like, ‘Fookin’ hell, where is everyone?’ ” he says. “You’re sitting in an airport lounge, they call you for a plane, and you don’t stand up initially because you’re waiting on ­everyone else, you know? ‘Oh, Louis’ll be back from the toilet in a minute.’”

On his solo work versus his work with 1D:
“Nothing I do will be as big as One Direction, but I have to try at least to get somewhere near it.”

His words of wisdom from Justin Bieber:
“Bieber told me that you never really know when you’re finished” with an album, says Horan

He still keeps in touch with his former bandmates:
“I see Louis and [his son] little Freddie all the time. He lives around the corner from me [in Los Angeles],” he says. He picked up gifts for Payne’s month-old boy that he hasn’t been able to present yet, because their ­schedules haven’t aligned. He planned to see Styles when the lanky star was in town for a ­weeklong residency on The Late Late Show With James Corden and genuinely gushes about his April episode of Saturday Night Live: “I loved his brilliant impression of Mick Jagger” in the Family Feud sketch, he says. As for his musical performances, he adds, “I really enjoyed them. He’s smashin’ it.”

Horan even shrugs off Zayn Malik’s post-1D kvetching:
“Oh, pfft. I know what Zayn’s like — outspoken, and fair play to him.”

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