He’s not our first choice.

NFL Offers Bruno Mars Super Bowl Halftime Show ... Again

Is Bruno back for a second round?

As Super Bowl 50 draws closer and closer, more people have started to inquire exactly who is going to headline the coveted halftime show. After nabbing a couple of huge female pop titans in recent years, some would argue the NFL would benefit from landing another certain pop star, who has oddly been making her publicity rounds. However, it sounds like one of the names that the NFL has thrown out there actually already headlined the show just a few years back, and his name is Bruno Mars.

On Tuesday night (September 8), Entertainment Weekly reported that Bruno has been offered the headlining spot for the upcoming show, which will take place in Santa Clara, California and mark the game’s golden anniversary. A source close to Billboard reveals that Bruno has also been asked to “curate” the show AKA invite a ton of guests to join him on stage, so there’s that.

Bruno clearly has the hits and image for such a platform, but how about we give it up to someone who hasn’t headlined the halftime show? Or better yet, why not gather a few select performers who have graced the show (as a main act or guest star) and have them put on a show together? We can only image the uproar that will ensue if Bruno actually lands the gig.

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