News of the World: Britney buys Shar a house

August 7, 2004 By Jordan Miller

TOUCHING news from La-La Land. BRITNEY SPEARS has bought her fiancé’s former lover a luxury pad…so that should make up for stealing the father of her kids.

Zitney Britney came to the rescue after hearing KEVIN FEDERLINE’S ex SHAR JACKSON was roughing it in shabby hotels.

We’re told the mum of Kev’s two kids was slumming it in an Orange County hovel for the weekly sum of £200, which must be less than Brit spends on spot cream and whisky miniatures.

So, following in the footsteps of that other serial-bride-***-man-stealer JULIA ROBERTS, Brit has decided that if you can’t shut them up—buy them up.

A close source revealed: “Shar’s very excited about moving into her new home. It’s a real relief.

“Britney’s bought the house for her and next week she gets her furniture out of storage.”


Dancer Kevin left Shar after four years together—and three months before their second child was born.

But in a recent interview, Shar revealed: “We are friends. We talk, if not every day, every other day.”

Bet that pleased Britney no end. But what to do when you’re a mult-millionairess with a penniless ex monopolising your man on the mobile? Oh yeah…you reach for the chequebook.

It worked for Julia Roberts. When she needed the first Mrs Daniel Moder to stop dragging her feet over a divorce she reportedly bunged her a cool £150K.

Now, thanks to pure wallet power, Shar has a lovely new home in California and Britney has a happy daddy on her arm.

And all this just in time for Britney’s secondtrip up the aisle. Contrary to reports, we hear she’s getting spliced in TWO WEEKS time and not in November.