Many reports have surfaced about Britney Spears using prescription medication for drug addiction and or narcolepsy. But new reports prove otherwise.

In a recent study performed by Dr. Papa Razzi at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Provigil has proven to be a prescription drug used to invent and create false stories. “Provigil enhances tabloid gossip to increase traffic and viewers on the Internet,” says Dr. Razzi. “Many people take prescription drugs for one reason or another, but most aren’t publicly photographed with it for humiliation and investigation,” he continues.

Other reports say Provigil treats a Starbucks addiction. In a study performed by Dr. Thomas Matthew Zano, “Provigil blocks the xanthine alkaloid compound found in coffee, and suppresses the psychoactive stimulant that results from the caffeine found in Starbucks frappacuinos,” reports the Doc.

Don’t believe everything you read!

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