Jive is releasing a “Womanizer Remix” EP next week on iTunes according to Britney’s label site Britney.com. The official tracklisting goes as follows:


1. Kaskade Remix (5:31)
2. Benny Benassi Extended Remix (6:17)
3. Junior’s Tribal Electro Remix (8:47)
4. Jason Nevins Club Remix (7:32)
5. Tonal Extended Club Remix (5:30)

According to Amazon.com, the EP will be released December 23rd.

OK, I’ve never been a big fan of remixes, but what’s even more distracting then sped up beats and terribly over-synthesized vocals, is that ugly *** cover they designed for the EP. Again, I hate to be the Davie Downer, but that **** looks like Elmo from Sesame Street took a square, puked in it, and Photoshopped on the letters.

Thankfully I won’t have to see the cover when I’m rocking out to the remixes!

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