This is totally one of those fluff updates that isn’t really Britney news, but is enough to get us through our addiction for the moment. Oh shutup, you know Britney is your drug. So in the spirit of fluff posts, I’ll update like “Traci, Britney’s Blonde *****” from her official site:

Hey guys (and girls! [And Brett] hehe)! While Britney is in Japan for her upcoming performances on HEY! HEY! HEY! on Monday, December 15th & NTV Best Artist 2008 on the 16th (special thanks to Jordan from for posting the information first so we can post it too! hehe), enjoy these special ULTRA EXCLUSIVE yet still publicly available on Youtube covers of Britney’s “Womanizer!”

The first one I found all by myself after a bunch of Exhalers emailed in! It was uploaded this morning, and is sung by Lily Allen. She does so0o0o0o good! The 2nd is by an artist named Lady Hawke, uploaded just a few days ago! Again, VERY EXCLUSIVE!

NOW, here’s my challenge to YOU! I want all the Britney creepers who enjoy dancing in the shower to “Circus” while their mother films them to send in a video of you dancing on escalators! The best ones will be featured on the official site! Cause what the hell else would we post?! Email them into [email protected]!

Have fun, and remember: only two pop-a-squats are allowed!


OK, it’s me again. How’d I do? News will pick up soon – be patient bbs. Speaking of official, I now have a headache.

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