Check out the latest issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands now. It details Lynne’s new book “Through The Storm.” Yeah, like we haven’t had enough details on this yet… I’ve practically read the entire damn thing and I don’t even own it yet! It spins the story negatively – as in Lynne betrayed Britney – but we know better. Click below to view:

Credit: Us Weekly

Life & Style asks this week: “Is Adnan Stalking Britney?” YES! Yes he is! Adnan mysteriously showed up in Las Vegas the same weekend Britney was in Vegas recording at the Palms. “Britney chose not to see her ex at all, says an insider: ‘She made it clear she wanted nothing to do with him… It was really creepy and pathetic at the same time.’ Give it up Milky Bowl, you’re just another deadbeat in the Britney-saga. OH and did anyone catch him on Glam God last week? I about threw up my Frosted Flakes. Click below to view:

Credit: Life & Style

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