Britney is featured in the November 2 issue of Us Weekly, in which the magazine oozes about boyfriend TV agent Jason Trawick, claiming the two are dating and madly in love.

Since she always looks SO happy with him (example ONE, TWO, THREE etc…)

The issue begins detailing Brit’s trip to Mexico with Jason, saying the 3 day getaway was Jason’s idea. “He likes to do nice things for her.”

Yea, on HER dime!

“Jason was great with the kids and you can tell that Britney really trusts him… He is absolutely fantastic with the boys. He plays with them and he spends so much time entertaining the boys. When you see him with them, you wouldn’t think for a moment that he wasn’t their dad. He treats the kids like they are his own.”

One FAMILY SOURCE (nice, Lynne) says they haven’t seen Britney this happy in awhile. “She’s the Britney we haven’t seen for a long time, and it’s emotional for us to see her like this.”

The magazine continues to gush about Jason, saying “he’s the person who [Britney] would always go to if she had a problem or if she wanted to talk things through.”

“Through all her problems she had, Jason never abandoned her. I think she has always had a crush on him because he’s been such a stable force in her life. Now it’s kind of naturally progressed into something more.”


It goes on to say Jason took Britney out on several dates in the recent months, including a several thousand dollar shopping spree at a Las Vegas candy store, $10,000 a night hotel stays in Mexico and dinners out in Beverly Hills.

They forgot to mention BRITNEY paid…

Us Weekly continues to praise Jamie to the high heavens, claiming he is the sole reason Britney has publicly turned around. “He had no problem being perceived as the bad guy,” says a family source. “He did it for one reason and it is because he loves her. This is remarkable, because they had really not had much of a relationship prior to any of this.”

No prior relationship but was granted rights to his daughters freedom?

And of course Papa Spears “adores” Jason (cough arranged marriage cough). “He had that stamp of approval before things turned romantic.”

Lynne and her new face agree! Britney gabs to Lynne about what to wear on dates and the two have never been closer.

So close they spend vacations in Mexico together! Oh wait…

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Why’s the family talking to tabloids?

My eyes are numb from reading all this ********. I don’t doubt Jason is a good guy, but let’s be honest, EVERYONE around her seems to have an ulterior motive.

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