Britney’s Tumblr account recapped today’s awesome Twitter trends, telling fans they’ll put something special together for our persistence. It said:

“WOW, 3 worldwide trending topics in one day for Britney on Twitter today: Britney Is Our Queen, I’m A Slave For Britney & Love 2 Love Britney. You B fans are amazing!

Do you remember a time when Britney trended on Twitter, like when FEMME FATALE trended for 2 weeks straight last year? Tell us what the trend was and when it happened by commenting here, or tweet it to @BritneySpears.

We’ll put something special together to reminisce on your undying support for Brit!”

Stoked Love 2 Love U made a second world-wide trend!

PSWe Heart Britney” is trending too!

UPDATE: Britney Tweeted fans about the Trending Topics:

Love u all 🙂 RT @EnjoyBritney if Twitter could measure our love for @britneyspears all future TT would start with: We Love Britney Spears ♥

3 TT Worldwide in one day… just @britneyspears can do that! Love 2 Love Britney ! We love u!

I heard!! Thank u so much… Xxoo RT @MSpearsKardash: I hope @britneyspears know that her Army made 3 TT’s today ♥ Love 2 Love Britney 🙂

I Love 2 Love Britney and Im A Slave 4 Britney, because Britney Is Our Queen <3 @britneyspears. 3 TT's in 1 day. Right here! Awww, y'all!!! RT @iamjimmey: OMG. We Love Britney Spears is on the TT list worldwide...AGAIN! @BritneySpears where are you?!:(

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