Will.I.Am Tweeted followers the track title he’s working on for Femme Fatale, called The Big Fat Bass. He’s going to preview the intro for fans soon!


#thebigfatbass Ok…I’m going to reveal the intro…I will give u a taste of the bass

@laurenobern “I just can’t get enough” of the music as well…thank you

@iakubep that section is section is my favorite…my favorite new beat…I’m excited to dj this section…

#thebigfatbass or the breakdown??? At this point a brand new beat is revealed. (The sickest beat) http://yfrog.com/h4nh3mj

#thebigfatbass or the 2nd hook? Because the second half of the first hook the bass build up is crazy http://yfrog.com/hssznmlj

#thebigfatbass the second verse??? I love this section…the beat is nuts here and britney kills it http://yfrog.com/h5j9vgqj

#thebigfatbass which part should I preview??? There are soo many hot parts #britneysnippet http://yfrog.com/gzc8dlcj

Im editing the snippet. there are so many parts in this song. I have so many favorite parts. Its difficult to pick which part to show 1st

@Jdoyel 🙂 don’t die now 🙂 we need all lovers alive 🙂

Some one found out the title from a pic I posted 3days ago “the big fat bass” http://yfrog.com/h4tezmpj

Stay tuned for the snippet!

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