On kerihilson.com under the Music section, there is a song that Keri Hilson wrote for Britney called “Motherlove.” Sounds like a mid-tempo ballad to me! Also, make sure you add her on MySpace and show her some Britney love. Check it out.

Next, there is a clip that “leaked” claiming to be a demo for a new Britney track produced by Danja and Corte from the Soul Diggaz called ‘Get Back.’ This clip cleverly features a video-game inspired background (fact: Britney did record a song with a Pacman inspired background) and even has a “shout-out” by Danja. While it has been confirmed that there is a new track by Britney called ‘Get Back’ produced by Danja, fortunately this clip is not it (nor is it a demo). I can’t 100% confirm that this isn’t a real demo, but I’m pretty intuitive, and the clip is ****. Check out the hype.


And lastly, a little shameless promotion. Check out the new theme at EXHALE. We lost a lot when the server reverted to March, so if you haven’t already, please re-REGISTER

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