It’s the NEW BreatheHeavy, *****!

New Theme On!

Because it’s spring time, and the black was getting dreary AF.

For over a decade, the main page BreatheHeavy used dark colors and a specific yellow, #F1BD10 to be exact, but as we continue venturing into the world of pop music and expand our horizons… so does the site’s look. Real talk, I felt like we outgrew the black and opted for something clean, bright and, well… white. Shutup Azealia Banks that’s not what I mean.

Thank you to BreatheHeavy’s incredible and super talented developer, Gerardo, for making my vision come to fruition!

There are a many more changes to come throughout the year, and I look forward to sharing them with you as they develop. More importantly, I am EXCITED to continue interviewing artists, writing about all things pop music and Britney’s new single cause duh.

Here’s where I plug the things I want you to follow:

@breatheheavycom on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

And shout-out the the incredible BreatheHeavy team for their hard work getting content on the site out to you fine people! Aaron, James, Jarvis, Jessica, Nick and Ross, your efforts are greatly appreciated and I am so grateful for your insanely witting and clever writing powerz.

And of course THANK YOU to all of the badass readers checking the site every day! Without you BreatheHeavy is nothing, and your continued support means everything!

Exhale, you’re next!

What do you think of the new BreatheHeavy era?