Say “Hello” to the new fresh face of Canadian music. Teen star Khaled Rahime has been everywere this past month, from Canadas Teen Magazine to the front page of the Edmonton Journal.

This 13 year old Edmontonian says that he would like to reach the popularity scale of pop princess Britney Spears. “I Really think that Britney brings allot when it really comes down to being a artist. She’s got the looks, the moves and the popularity no ones ever reached”

We also got to chat with the star as we asked him about the up-coming MTV Video Music Awards, and asked him about the nominees. “I dont really think Avril or Beyonce deserve any awards this year, i mean there year was last year, and now with Britney nominated for 4 Vma’s (Toxic) I rarley think they’ll even win any”. Khaled continued to say that his idea of the perfect performance would be with Britney and Usher. “Those two would make a killer of a performance, with Usher and Britney dancing together, theres nothing better than that”.

Khaled will be attending this years Mtv awards, but until then he is busy promoting the album and finishing his first movie wich is also due in theaters 2005.

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