Britney is featured in a slew of tabloids this week. Fortunately, none of which talk about the “*****” incident!

Star magazine:
Rats mag is claiming Britney and Kevin are “falling in love again.”


Kevin is currently following Britney on tour, and being paid $5000 a week to do so!

“The truth is, they’re falling in love again,” says an insider. “I don’t think they ever really fell out of love to begin with!”

“Two days later, at her concert in Atlanta, ‘Kevin hugged Britney backstage and told her she looked gorgeous before she went on in her **** Bollywood outfit,’ an eyewitness tells Star. ‘Kevin just smiled at her the whole time. They looked like they were very fond of each other.'”

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OK! magazine:
The latest issue of OK! magazine details Britney and the boys trip to Disneyland.

“This tour has had a totally unexpected impact on Britney and her own kids, turning htem into a real family,” a friend of Britney tells OK!”

“Initially, Britney struggled with the idea of adding parenting responsibilities to an already grueling performance schedule. ‘She worried, Can I handle it?’ her pal reveals. ‘But it’s working out better than anyone could have predicted.'”

Scans courtesy of BreatheHeavy reader Chelsie. Click below to view:

Us Weekly magazine:
The latest issue of Us Weekly claims Britney’s boys are “escorted out before her R-rated number” comes on.

It also features a new picture from Britney’s “Sweet Dreams” Marilyn Manson interlude.

Scans courtesy of BreatheHeavy reader Chelsie. Click below to view:

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