Britney is featured in the latest issue of Star Magazine. Shocker. The issue details Britney and Kevin’s “relationship,” and how it is improving for the better. “Britney told her family that she’s experiencing the same emotional connection to Kevin that she felt at the beginning of their relationship,” a family insider tells Star. “They’ve been secretly meeting at the Mondrian Hotel,” reports another source. “Just recently, they let the nanny and the bodyguard take the kids to the L.A. Zoo so they could hang out together – alone!”

Looks like we have Jamie Lynn to blame for this newly rekindled relationship… According to the mag, “Jamie Lynn was the one that suggested Kevin start picking up Preston and Jayden at Britney’s himself, instead of having his bodyguard do it.

“Kevin won’t even consider a reconciliation without couples counseling,” says a friend. “He feels a third party would help Britney with her indecision when it comes to relationships.” Click below to view:

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