Get a look inside Britney, Inc.

New Sizzle Reel Details Marketing Campaign For Intimate Britney Spears Collection

Goals: 1. Show off a ‘truly intimate’ side to Britney. 2. Establish homegirl as a credible designer in the world of lingerie.

We all know there’s a ton of behind-the-scenes planning that’s involved in some of Britney Spears’ biggest career ventures, but now we have a clear and detailed look at how exactly Britney, Inc. wanted to introduce the world to her Intimate lingerie collection.

Months before B took to New York City to reveal the line, Wunderbar and Change Lingerie teamed up to create a design and marketing campaign for Brit’s 10-year-in-the-making vision, which included website development, video content, social strategy, launch events and more. However, they had two specific goals in the mind.

Our challenge was twofold: Take pop icon Britney and reveal a truly intimate side the world had yet to see and establish Britney as a credible designer in the world of intimate apparel.”

As per the sizzle reel, each line in the collection was named after a flower and brought to life via those fancy schmancy promos, where Britney’s reciting those incredibly dramatic poems about being glamorous, romantic and whimsical. Do you really need a reminder? Once the whole shebang went public, news of Britney’s Intimate apparel line went viral and scored over 200,000,000 impressions in just one day. The reel goes on to detail their strategy during the initial “tease phase” of the launch, which included an official website, look books, digital banners and magazine advert placement.

After making promotional visits around the world to introduce the line, B’s venture scored some major exposure on several platforms. Need the stats? Bam!

Take a look inside the marketing and design plan for the launch of the Intimate Britney Spears collection below!

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