Another wave of pop music is coming soon.

New Singles Confirmed For Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Ellie Goulding & Selena Gomez

During the iHeartMedia Summit, Republic Records confirmed new singles from some of music’s biggest names.

We’ve impatiently awaited new music from Ellie Goulding, who recently finished recording her new record and is the buzz-name for the upcoming James Bond Spectre movie soundtrack. Goulding recently told fans how excited she was to share her new tunes with us, saying: “Making my album has been hard and it has been terrifying for so many reasons. But also a tremendous journey. It is made up of not just some of the most talented people I know but the best people. I am so grateful to have them around me inspiring me and making me laugh like hell at the same time. Soon I will be able to share it with you x.”

We now know her lead single is titled “On My Mind,” a much-anticipated followup to 2013’s “Halcyon Days.”

Ariana Grande told fans in June we’re a ways away from hearing her new LP, a followup to 2014’s “My Everything,”, Tweeting fans “it’s forever away but meeeeee. too. i am so fkkn happy with everything so far. i’m stoooked. love u the most.”

Forever took quicker to get here than she thought, because despite teasing several clips of her song “Moonlight” (a song she co-wrote with Victoria Monet, who has had writing credits on Grande’s previous records), Republic confirms her new single is titled “Focus On Me.”

by "focus" i meant "focus on me" #thisisahint ? #youllsee ?? ☕️ ?

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Following Demi Lovato’s “Cool For The Summer” is a track titled “Confident,” something she’s proven she is throughout recent years during a successful journey in sobriety and finding love with boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama. On Tuesday (Aug. 4), Lovato told Cosmopolitan magazine she’s one of only several women in music who remains a badass.

“There are a lot of girls in pop,” she said. “They have badass lyrics, but I feel like I’m the only person other than Rihanna and Nicki Minaj who isn’t afraid to say, ‘Try something on me and I’ll ******* beat your ***.’ There are people who can dress up and play the part, but their music doesn’t say it.”

One thing we are a bit nervous for is her confirmed collaboration with Iggy Azalea.

Someone whose confidence was shaken a bit in recent years is Selena Gomez. She plans her next single release following “Good For You” and it’s titled “Same Old Love.” We have an idea who it’s about, but we’ll refrain from commentary. You go girl.

And finally, Tove Lo’s halting promotion on her latest “Queen of the Clouds” single “Timebomb” for her subdued tune “Moments.”

Noticeably absent is Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce and Justin Timberlake.