EW.com has “obtained the exclusive details on Britney Spears’ new much-discussed single.” But all info is subject to change.

According to EW, “Britney’s upcoming single, produced by Nate “Danjahandz” Hills,” but we knew this. The track title is allegedly “Gimme More,” which has been reported. The interesting part is they are claiming the single is going to come out as early as next week.

They continue to say that there will be no promotion for the single or album: “a third source close to the top-secret project says it’s expected to hit shelves this fall with little to no promotional setup.”

Here are my suggestions:
1. David Letterman
2. Cover / feature on three major magazines (preferably W, Blender, and of course Rolling Stone)
3. Performance at at least 2, maybe 3 major award shows.
4. TRL
5. Hour long special including interview and performance.
6. New BritneySpears.com layout / letter
7. 2 new endorsement deals
8. Clothing line
10. SNL
11. World Tour
12. Ok that’s a good start.

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